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Frequently Asked Questions

Please find common questions about Kid Krawlz

Kid Krawl is geared towards children ages 4 years old through 10 years old, give or take! Little ones will need help reading and filling in the clues, where older children can do it themselves. It’s a nice opportunity for readers to help siblings or friends who are not reading yet!

Your Ticket includes the following per person: 

  • Unique Access code to the krawl web app
  • a book ($7 Retail value)
  • a kiddie ice cream ($6 Retail Value)
  • Mystery goodie bag from learning express ($15 retail Value)

Each ticket guarantees that a child will receive items along the way. If you have more than one child in your family who is participating, you will have the option to receive a voucher for a second book at the bookstore so that your family does not receive more than one copy of the same book (unless you children each want their own)! 

Our Krawls are approximately a 1 mile loop over 4-6 stops along the way.


If you feel that your younger children might get tired for this distance, you may want to bring a stroller. Otherwise, there are plenty of places to stop and rest along the way! The playground is a little bit of a walk from the road to enter the play area, but it is not too far!

Yes!  Most of the stops along the krawl have bathrooms. 

Kid Krawling in Action!